Hi  John Lawson, I am owner/operator for Assured Home Inspections and I’m here to talk to you today about this fire separation between the garage and the living area.
So, that’s one of the things we get a lot of questions about when people read our inspection reports. And it’s one of the things that an older home typically doesn’t have, because they didn’t do that in order homes. And don’t be afraid there’s no police that’s going to come and make you put one in.
But here we have a typical example of what we talked about. There’s a couple of small holes in the fire separation between the garage in the living area. And the separation consists of, depending on the type of drywall, five-eighths or 3/4 inch drywall, with tape seems. There’s also a fire rated door, and a self closer on the door.
So the most common thing we see is those holes and it’s really a pretty simple fix. Patch the holes and the fire separation is once again intact.
So thanks for watching and remember to call Assured Home Inspections at 859-261-4663 for all your home inspection needs.
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