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How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost in Kentucky?

Whether you're looking to buy a new home or sell your current one, it's crucial to invest in a home inspection. This service can provide an in-depth analysis of a home's condition, helping you decide whether to buy or sell. Still, you may be wondering just how pricey a home inspection service can be. Generally, the answer depends on a property's age…
John Lawson
January 13, 2022
Learn the advantages and disadvantages of accompanying the inspector during a home inspection in Northern Kentucky with Assured Home Inspections.Home InspectionFAQs

Should you accompany the home inspector during the inspection?

Home inspections in Northern Kentucky are an important part of the home sale process. They're also a part of the home buying process that baffles many buyers. Realtors often field a lot of questions from their clients and the most common question pertains to who should be present during the home inspection.  Is it really necessary for Kentucky home buyers to…
John Lawson
July 21, 2021