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Whether you’re looking to buy a new home or sell your current one, it’s crucial to invest in a home inspection. This service can provide an in-depth analysis of a home’s condition, helping you decide whether to buy or sell.

Still, you may be wondering just how pricey a home inspection service can be. Generally, the answer depends on a property’s age and size.

This guide will explore the typical home inspection cost in Kentucky. You can use this information to budget for an upcoming inspection and choose a high-quality inspection service.

How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost?

According to Bankrate, the average home inspection in the US costs about $400. Still, the estimate could be slightly lower or higher than the actual price you end up paying.

That’s because the cost of a home inspection depends on several factors. So, let’s take a moment to analyze the most influential aspects that can contribute to your final home inspection service costs.

Contributing Factors That Influence Costs

One of the best ways to determine home inspection costs is to consider the factors that often influence these costs. For example, the price of a home inspection service typically varies depending on:

  • Property size
  • Age of the home
  • Type of home inspection

To help you come up with an accurate estimate, let’s take a moment to delve more deeply into these factors and discover how they contribute to home inspection costs.

Property Size

Property size is another factor that can contribute to the final cost of a home inspection. After all, the more ground there is to cover, the more time a home inspection agent needs to assess a home’s condition.

Consequently, those looking to buy or sell apartments or tiny homes often end up paying far less for home inspection services. Alternatively, those looking to purchase or part with larger homes may need to spend more.

Age of the Home

Older homes tend to experience far more structural problems than brand-new homes. As such, those looking to buy or sell a home that’s a decade old (or older) may end up paying slightly more.

On the surface, this might seem a little unfair. However, it’s crucial to remember that most homeowners don’t invest in annual home inspections.

More troubling, some homeowners don’t keep up with regular home maintenance. Instead, they may attempt to hide significant problems with a few coats of paint or a set of new appliances.

As such, homes with expansive pasts are more likely to have signs of damage than those that have been recently built.

For that reason, home inspectors surveying older homes take extra steps to assess the quality and safety of older homes.

While this often increases the total service cost, it’s also a great way to determine the condition of an older property.

While some home inspection companies will in fact adjust pricing based upon the age and size of the home, it’s important to mention that Assured Home Inspections does not and that is something that sets us apart to a certain degree.

Type of Home Inspection

Not all home inspections are precisely alike. For example, a home inspection of a recently constructed home is bound to differ from an examination of a much older home.

As such, the type of home inspection you need can influence costs. Be sure to ask your chosen home inspection provider about what types of inspection services they offer before agreeing to a service.

If you’re a homeowner that’s looking to assess your home’s condition, you can also choose to invest in a pre-listing inspection. Notably, radon testing services are an excellent investment for most homeowners.

That’s because radon gas can be exceptionally harmful, especially if you’re exposed to it for long period. Ensuring that your home is safe and in great shape offers some truly priceless peace of mind.

Do You Need a Home Inspection?

If you’re planning on buying, selling, or constructing a home, you’ll want to invest in a home inspection service.

While many states (including Kentucky) don’t require home buyers or sellers to solicit a home inspection, this service can make a significant difference when determining the value of a property.

If you’re looking to buy north Kentucky homes, a home inspection could end up saving you thousands of dollars in the long run. That’s because some homeowners aren’t honest when discussing their property’s condition.

For example, you could end up spending $300,000 on a $100,000 property if you don’t invest in a home inspection. Even worse, you’ll likely end up spending several thousands of dollars more on home repairs.

And if you’re selling a home, you’ll also want to invest in a home inspection.  While this service can reveal some hidden problems with your property, it can also end up boosting the overall value of your home.

Besides, homebuyers tend to look for recent home inspection reports. Without one, you could end up spending years waiting to find an interested buyer.

Home Inspection Cost in Kentucky

The average home inspection cost in Kentucky can be as low as $300 for smaller, newer dwellings. But it can also be $500+ for more extensive, older homes.

You can narrow down this range by contacting a home inspection company in Kentucky. Reputable home inspection agents will ask about your home’s size and age, then provide you with a more accurate estimate.

Remember, a home inspection provider that isn’t willing to offer a price estimate or price schedule may not be trustworthy. As such, it’s always best to choose a company that’s transparent with its service costs.

Choose Assured Home Inspections

The average home inspection cost varies depending on property size and the age of a home. That said, the average price for a home inspection is about $400.

Remember, investing in a home inspection service is crucial when buying a home. If you plan on buying a home in northern Kentucky, you’ll want to choose a reputable home inspection agency like Assured Home Inspections.

Do you need a home inspection service? Assured Home Inspection is waiting to help. So, be sure to schedule an inspection today!